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Sheriff John Skipper serves as the Sheriff of Anderson County, South Carolina.   In that capacity, Sheriff Skipper is an elected constitutional officer of the State of South Carolina, and the chief law enforcement officer for Anderson County.   The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is one of the largest Sheriff Offices in the State of South Carolina.  With over 450 employees, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is far more than just law enforcement and deputies patrolling the county as many might think.   While Law enforcement is a vital and core component of what we do, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office also operates other vital functions for the county such as, the Detention Center, Investigative Services, Emergency Services, Court Security, Civil Process, Animal Control, and Community Outreach, just to name a few. 

Sheriff Skipper’s Executive Director is Jan Robison. Her primary duties encompass managing all Sheriff's Office human resource functions -- from application to end of service -- which is overseen by Anderson County's Human Resources Department; serves as recruiter for education and job fairs; and coordinates scheduling of all command staff personnel, as well as college internship and ride-along programs. Jan Robison's administrative assistant is Eveline Moss.

Sheriff John Skipper’s law enforcement career spans over 4 decades.   He began his law enforcement career in 1972 with the Richland County, South Carolina Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Skipper was a Captain with Anderson County Sheriff's Office for almost 16 years, during which time he was also an instructor for Tri-County Technical College.

In 2008, John Skipper was elected Sheriff of Anderson County and was subsequently re-elected to a second term in 2012.

honors.jpgSince assuming office Sheriff Skipper has implemented a number of policy changes to accomplish the task of improved protection of the citizens of Anderson County.  These include dividing the county into four zones or regions, with each zone/region assigned a captain that lives in that region.  Instead of having deputies patrolling the entire county, this regional concept allows those deputies and captain to be more aware in the issues and needs of a more manageable area.    

The Sheriff’s Office also absorbed several Anderson County departments that traditionally have not fallen under the domain of the Sheriff.  These include the Emergency Services Division and Homeland Security. Since September 11, 2001, there has been a nationwide shift toward combining Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Homeland Security into one domain. This move provides a more cohesive order to major crimes and catastrophic events.

Consequently, in 2010, the Anderson County Council moved these divisions under the managment of the Sheriff's Office. The Emergency Services Division works in emergency preparedness and response and provides specific logistical support for various law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies in the County. This decision of Council also moved the 911 Unified Communications Center, Building Security and Animal Control under the supervision of the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff John Skipper’s educational background includes: Rowan Technical Institute, Salisbury, NC (Associate in Applied Science - Fire and Safety Engineering Technology), SC Criminal Justice Academy, and over 2,000 hours of continuous law enforcement education.  His professional experience includes the Synergy Group, Inc. where he was President of Security for Industry, Business and Families.

Sheriff Skipper served the Anderson County Sheriff’s office in the past as the Captain of Support Services (1996-2004), and the Captain of Investigations (1989-1996).  Prior to his time in Anderson County, Sheriff Skipper served in the Richland County Sheriff's Office.  His experience in Richland County included Lieutenant assigned to Administrative Captain of Uniformed Patrol (1987-1988), Lieutenant of Investigations (1986-1987) Investigator (1974-1986), and Uniformed Patrol (1972-1973).

In addition to his law enforcement background, Sheriff Skipper has been an Instructor at Tri-County Technical College (1990-2008), a firearms instructor for SLED Security and SC State Constables certification, and concealed weapons permit instructor.  He currently, serves the South Carolina Sheriff's Association as Seargant at Arms. He is married to his wife, Judy, and has one son, Chandler, and is a member and Deacon of Concord Baptist Church in Anderson, SC.