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scene_investigation_1.jpgInvestigators interview suspects and witnesses, make arrests, collect and evaluate evidence, and prepare criminal cases for trial. They routinely work with law enforcement personnel from other local, state and federal agencies to share information and bring a quick resolution to all assigned cases. 

testify.jpgEach month, our investigators are assigned approximately 400 criminal cases for follow-up. Investigators are available to respond to any incident or scene 24-hours-a-day. Many attend community meetings and public events to explain the nature of their job and to provide an accurate view of their responsibilities and job functions.

The goal of the Criminal Investigation Unit is to thoroughly investigate a wide variety of crimes, provide support to victims, apprehend the offenders, and recover stolen property. To enhance the Unit’s ability to accomplish their objectives, investigators are assigned to one of three specific sections:  Property Crime, Violent Crime and Economic Crime.


Property Crime
The Property Crimes Section investigates burglaries, auto break-ins, auto theft, larceny, and other property-related offenses.


Violent Crime
The Violent Crime Section investigates homicides, huicides, accidental and natural deaths, attempted suicides, serious assaults, armed robbery, strong armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, criminal sexual conduct, attempted criminal sexual conduct, lewd act offenses, indecent exposure, sexual assault, missing persons and runaways.


Economic Crime
The Economic Crime Section investigates cases of identity theft, fraud, forgery and computer crimes.