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Training is a fundamental factor that is the pinnacle for public service employees of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. To effectively manage and facilitate all Sheriff’s Office employees, such as deputies, detention officers, 911 telecommunicators, and civilian employees, training is centralized at our training division facility and all divisions have a representative located at that site.

The philosophy of the Anderson County sheriff’s Office is to train each employee in a consistent and effective fashion which fosters a more cohesive core.

Annual training is required in accordance with Federal law, State law, and departmental policies. On average, a deputy sheriff receives a minimum of 45 hours training per year. In a typical year, there are in excess of 6,300 training hours taught by training unit and adjunct instructors. Below is a brief list of some of the core classes Anderson County sheriff’s Office employees are instructed:

  • Blood borne Pathogens/PPE/CPR
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Use of Force Bias Based Profiling/ Career Development
  • Criminal Domestic Violence
  • Legal Update Defensive Tactics/Ground Defense

Core requirements which are not taught in the classroom are moved to external locations are:

  • Firearms (3 times annually)
  • Driving Range Health Assessment

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has also has expanded its training to include outside agencies. In the recent past the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has conducted training for Federal, State, and other local agencies. Not only have progressive measures been taken regarding training other agencies, but we have collaborated with these agencies to host training.

This assists all departments involved, who may not have the resources to receive the training independently, especially smaller municipal departments. Members of the Training Division are Lt. Bill Vaughn, Sgt. Johnny Chandler, Sgt. David LaCasse (assigned to the Detention Center), Sgt. Tina Drawdy (assigned to Communications), and Sandy Williamson.