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v_taylor_jones.JPGThe Emergency Services Division of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is under the direction of Deputy Chief, Taylor Jones.  The Emergency Services Division is tasked with the responsibility to function as Anderson County’s “24 hour warning point” in times of emergencies and disasters.   As a part of that function, Emergency Services works, and supports, local response agencies throughout the county.  Under the Emergency Services Division is Anderson county's “State-of-the-Art” highly advanced E-911 dispatch center.   The E-911 center handles all emergency calls for the Sheriff’s Office, all county fire, all EMS calls, and most local municipal police calls for Anderson County.

911_1.JPGPart of this responsibility includes providing vital information to the public to keep affected residents informed about the situation and how they can protect themselves.  The Emergency Services Division also coordinates support from the State of South Carolina and the federal government as necessary and appropriate.  The Emergency Services Division also oversees a number of the Sheriff Office Special Teams, as well as operating the county's new Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  This high tech facility is located at the “Center of Excellence” which also houses Anderson University's Criminal Justice and Emergency Management program.  Another function of the Emergency Services Division is to develop plans for the many departments of Anderson County, including plans for continued operation and security.     

Because of the vast library of material to aid the public in being prepared for emergencies and disasters, the Anderson County Emergency Services Division also maintains a complete website that contains vital information about the Division, plus a wealth of information in helping citizens be prepared, and find current information in times of emergencies and disasters. 

Anderson County Emergency Services Website