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Inmate Communication Policy

The following policy controls inmate communication by telephone and by mail.


  • Telephones are provided to inmates for their use on a collect only basis through Pay-Tel Communications.
  • In addition to collect calls, inmates may purchase telephone calling cards through the commissary program for $10.00 each.
  • To stop an inmate from calling, please call Pay-Tel Communications at 1-800-PAY-TELL and advise them you want your number blocked. You may also choose not to accept a call that is placed to you on a one-time-basis by selecting the appropriate selection once you hear the initial message when an inmate calls.


  • Inmates may send and receive mail.
  • Photographs, drawings, and news clippings are normally acceptable as long as they are not inappropriate.
  • Mail is received Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays) from the Post Office.
  • Incoming mail is opened and checked for contraband prior to being delivered to an inmate.
  • All legal mail is opened in the presence of the inmate and checked for contraband prior to the inmate receiving it.
  • Inmates may receive money orders through the mail. Cash will not be accepted in the mail and will be treated as contraband.
  • Inmates may purchase envelopes and writing materials through the canteen service; indigent inmates may order these materials, on a routine schedule, with costs being debited from their accounts.
  • No stickers, staples, paper clicps, or electronic cards will be accepted.
  • To expedite delivery to the inmate, all inmate mail received at the facility should be addressed as in the example below: