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The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual assaults and rapes of incarcerated persons. It is Public Law 108-79, signed in September 2003 by President Bush.

 The Anderson County Detention Center (ACDC) supports the prosecution of persons who commit acts of sexual misconduct (staff and inmate sexual activity) and inmate on inmate sexual assault in its facility. The ACDC has developed uniform guidelines and procedures to reduce the risk of in-custody sexual assault and sexual activity. This includes sexual harassing and sexual intimidating behavior. The ACDC is committed to a zero-tolerance standard for sexual misconduct and sexual assault.

You can learn more about PREA at the Web site for the National PREA Resource Center found at www.prearesourcecenter.org

Sexual Abuse Reporting

If you were the victim of a sexual assault while in the custody of any law enforcement agency or ACDC-- or if you know of an incident of sexual assault of a person in the custody of any law enforcement agency or ACDC -- we urge you to report the incident by contacting the Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC. If you fail to report an incident, you could be found to have acted with deliberate indifference towards the victim’s health and/or safety. Please help us protect everyone from sexual abuse. Any incarcerated person may report this activity to any ACDC employee, contract employee or volunteer.

The following avenues are available to inmates to report complaints of sexual harassment or sexual abuse:


In writing via a request to staff or grievance.  There is no time limit regarding an allegation of sexual abuse.

            Anonymously – not sign a written complaint.

            By pressing “7” on our inmate telephone service.

Third party – a friend, family member, another inmate or an attorney can call ACDC or Crime Stoppers.  The victim must agree with the processing of the complaint.

If an inmate feels they have been sexually assaulted they have the right to report sexual assaults safely, confidentially and anonymously.  If an inmate was sexually harassed or sexually abused by inmates or by staff, they may make a report without disclosing their name.

To make an anonymous report at ACDC, an inmate or a third party may report complaints in writing or verbally to staff, contract staff or volunteers. 

An inmate can report an incident of sexual assault by choosing option 7 through the inmate phone system.  This option will connect the inmate with SC Crime Stoppers who will immediately send the information to the ACDC for investigation.  The inmate has the right to disclose as much or as little information as they choose, but be advised that the more information is provided, the more likely it is that detention center staff and investigators can take steps to prosecute the perpetrator and to keep the offender safe.  By calling the hotline the inmate is helping themselves access resources to deal with the consequences of the assault and is also helping to create a safe and secure jail environment by preventing the perpetrator from assaulting others.

Inmates rights for reporting sexual assaults committed against him/her include:

The right to report through multiple channels and multiple staff members, in case they do not feel safe with certain staff members.

The right to be free of fear of reprisal or retaliation for making a report of sexual assault.  If they face retaliation from inmates for reporting sexual assault, this is a crime just like the initial assault is, and they can and should report it, and appropriate action will be taken.

The right for all allegations of sexual assault to be kept completely confidential to protect their safety and privacy.

The inmate or third party has the responsibility to report the truth. The responsibility for staff is to investigate and respond to all allegations of sexual assault in a timely manner and to develop a response that ensures an inmate’s safety.

The ACDC will ensure that allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment are referred to trained personnel for a thorough investigation. 

All reported incidents will be investigated. You will be contacted, but you may still remain anonymous. You will need to leave the following information with Crime Stoppers:



Telephone/Cell phone number

Specific details of the incident

Who was the victim?

How do we contact the victim if they are no longer in our facility?

Did the victim know the suspect? If so, please provide their name and contact information if known.

When and where did this happen?

This information can also be e-mailed to: jthompson@andersonsheriff.com