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Anderson County Sheriff's Office

Animal Control Division

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office took over the responsibilities of Animal Control from the County Government in 2010. Animal Control Officers respond to calls for service, including nuisance complaints, animal bites, injured animals and animal cruelty. Prior to the Sheriff's Office taking over Animal Control, the county's animal control division was only dealing with domesticated pets, such as cats and dogs, as permitted under state law, and only operated 5 days per week.

Also, when the county operated Animal Control, the Sheriff's Office handled large animal calls.  Moving the Animal control officers to the Sheriff's Office consolidated these responsibilities under one unified division, and now operates 7 days per week.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Officers patrol designated areas locating animals in violation of animal regulation laws /ordinances. These duties involve capturing - biting, vicious, diseased, loose or stray animals. There are roughtly 7000 calls per year answered by this  division for service.  These officers transport all captured animals to the Anderson County Animal Shelter.