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Anderson County Sheriff's Office

Warrant & Civil Unit Division

The Warrant & Civil Unit is responsible for the service of criminal warrants and all civil papers received from any court of record. This function is mandated by State law and, therefore, the unit provides one of the most important functions within the Anderson County Sheriff's Office.

The Warrant Division of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for tracking and serving warrants, subpoenas, and civil papers throughout Anderson County. Once a warrant is issued by a judge or magistrate it is delivered to the Warrant Division to be served.

Warrant Division personnel then set out to locate and apprehend wanted subjects. Deputies assigned to the Warrant Division work closely with investigators and members of the Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Unit to coordinate resources and apprehension efforts. When serving particularly dangerous or high-risk warrants, the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team may also be called upon for assistance.

The Warrants and Civil Unit bear the responsibility of serving and executing all legal process generated by the court system. Some of the daily operations of this unit include serving summons, subpoenas and domestic violence injunctions, conducting evictions and tracking down and arresting wanted subjects on outstanding warrants. The Warrants and Civil Units serve a number of processes for governmental, private attorneys and the general public as well as out of state and out of county sources.

The unit is also responsible for transporting prisoners to and from court, as well as prisoner extradition from other jurisdictions.