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Anderson County Sheriff's Office

Courts and Building Security Unit

DSC_0852.JPGPersonnel assigned to the Court Security Unit are in place to protect the integrity of court proceedings and maintain courtroom decorum. The process of securing court facilities begins with the security screening of individuals entering the building. This involves the application of security procedures and measures designed to deter, detect and/or prevent weapons and contraband from entering the building or areas surrounding the facility. Officers are responsible for patrolling the interior and exterior of the building and for monitoring individual courtrooms in order to provide safety for court personnel, jurors, victims, prisoners, and the general public.

The Sheriff’s Office provides security to the Anderson County Courthouse which is a 97,000 square foot building with numerous courtrooms. There are often as many as five courts running simultaneously requiring numerous deputies in addition to the constant security at the entrances. The cases heard range from domestic violence to murder and require the officers to be vigilant to protect the officials and citizens who are present. Deputies use X-ray scanners to check incoming items for safety and process approximately 700 entrances per day.

DSC_0860a.jpgSecurity is also provided at the Ronald Townsend Building which is home to Anderson County Summary Court. This 25,000 square foot building is equipped with four courtrooms and three arbitrations rooms where magistrate level criminal, civil, and traffic cases are heard. This building additionally houses Veterans Affairs and the Anderson County Legislative Delegation. Deputies are responsible for the safety of five Magistrates, twenty-five civilian employees, and the citizens who visit the facility. Visits to this facility range from 180 to 500 per day.

In addition to the courts, the Sheriff’s Office Courts and Building Security Unit is also responsible for the security of the Anderson County Libraries, River Street Annex Building, County Council meetings, Animal Shelter, Sports and Entertainment Complex, and approximately 40 other county park and recreation areas.